Hello, I’m Marius Engelbrecht, historian PhD. On this site I write about things going on in the world, politics, psychology, and the last years specially about conspiracy theories. I hope you enjoy my blogs. Feel fee to share.

I studied history and several years of psychology. My PhD research was on history of psychology, with focus on paradigm changes in conceptions of the human mind (Leiden University, Twente University and the Wellcome Institute in London). Later I became trainer and coach in several fields of personal development. Since the Covid pandemic and the enormous diverse responses to it, I’m back to history and politics and started writing about that.

On demand I give lectures and workshps on:

  • history of psycholgy,
  • Freud and origins of depth psychology,
  • Renaissance psychology and the Renaissance Schools of Life,
  • Beethoven as music therapist and freedom fighter,
  • Slave Songs, honouring Afro-American music,
  • healing and empowerment through singing (in history and in personal life),
  • conspiracy theories.


Books (not yet translated):

  • De onttovering van de waanzin. Hoe het psychologische mensbeeld het magische verdrong (Athenaeum-Polak 2013).
  • Oerzang. De kracht van stemexpressie (Panta Rhei, 2e druk 2021).